Friday, March 8, 2013

Other great blogs: Why I ride and #bikeNYC

Over the long cold Chicago winter we thought it would be great fun to stop and interview the bikers who were sticking it out during the crappy months. At the Drum winter meetings in Appleton, WI, we came up with the title for these interviews: "Slush Cuff." Alas, things have not yet materialized and winter is now at it's end. Perhaps we will give it the old college try this summer when everyone has their go-fast bike out and about.

Another gentleman by the name of Dmitry Gudkov is on the same page with the kids here at Drum. One might say he's working with the same set of paints... although we do get the feeling his camera is bit better than the one at Drum HQ. The beautiful pictures and diversity of reasons for riding make both Dmitry's contribution to Street Blog and Dmitry's own #bike NYC blog well worth a few reads.

So until we get our collective asses in gear here, check him out in order to fulfill you winter-biking whims.

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