Saturday, December 8, 2012

The great biscuit massacre of 2012

All hands abandon ship, them biscuits ain't edible!  It was a sad morning here at Drum as our breakfast turned into one of the worst tasting disasters in recent memory.  Sure, it wasn't as bad as a chain restaurant on a Saturday night, but something was amiss with them biscuits and they all had to be destroyed by our faithful garbage disposal, Steve.  We might never know why they came out tasting like burnt paper, or why those sad biscuits were light, fluffy, one might even say airy.  Oh well, no time for tears, as Team Drum has a few new projects going on and it is time to get cracking.

Steve post biscuit massacre and just prior to ransacking a woodblock fiefdom for dessert.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 or project ______

A long time ago we were in college. During this time we thought we could conquer the world. We also thought emo rock was cool and we spouted so much BS that we can't believe more people didn't smack us more often. We doubt that little has changed as far as university kids are concerned, but the difference between the average college kid and a Drum college kid is that we had a low-rider bike. Yes, its true, we were that cool. And to prove how cool we were we had a bike that would send anyone over the age of 25 to the chiropractor straight off. With its chromed fenders, ape hanger handle bars, TINY 16" front tire, banana seat, and sissy bars that curved down by the wheels to look like a pair of exhaust pipes that stuck out two feet out from the back tire ****(warning this is dangerous as you WILL trip over them again and again and again)**** we thought we were a force to be reckoned with! Other than proving our coolness, the other major advantage of owning this bike in college was the short distance one would fall from the low-rider when inebriated...which may have been often.

As the years went on we smartened up a bit and realized that some things are for the young, and that includes low-rider bikes. So into dry storage it went, with the thought that perhaps one day we would rebuild it into a bike a kid could ride! Oh no, don't start thinking like that, no little Drums running around here. But we do have friends, and these friends have kids that are getting to the age where they will need their second bike and that is where this story begins again!!! Thus, over the turkey day weekend, we managed to dig out the remains from its 10 + year resting place in order to start project _______ !!!

Over the course of this winter and next spring we will strip, paint, and rebuild this symbol of rebellious youth into something that can be ridden around the hood with reckless abandon!!